When we cut the Sargol from the bunch, the root or white part that remains, it can’t be considered saffron which is said white or konj of saffron in Iran. This part is known as "white" or " style" in Europe.
White part is not included in the category of saffron. Contrary to the imagination of those who think that white has a lot of perfume than Sargol, it should be said that scientific studies and analyzes show that valuable items are found only in the saffron red stigmas. These materials, especially the crocin (saffron color factor), have been moved from the stigma to the style due to shifting of the plant tissue, but due to the moisture content of the style, it seems that the aroma of the style appears. At the same time, because of its beautiful appearance and its eye-catching color, it cannot be considered counterfeit.

White or konj

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