In this saffron, the styles are completely removed and pure saffron is obtained. This type of saffron is called Saffron in cut filament. Fracture is not seen among the filaments. The equivalent of the saffron ‘’coupe’’ is named in international societies.
Sargol is divided in two different categories as follows;

Sargol of Saffron

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In this type of saffron connect just like super Negin stigmas those are tied together. The only difference is in their filaments. In super Negin saffron, the filaments are shorter and more delicate, therefore, in terms of quality and price, they are placed higher than Negin saffron. The top part of stigma is called super Negin and below the super Negin named Negin saffron.

Negin of saffron

In this type of saffron, the three stigmas are connected, which makes the filaments of the stigma inside tied together and look more beautiful and more voluminous. For this reason, this type of saffron is more popular than the other types of saffron in the market and therefore it has a higher price. The ecology of cultivating area, irrigation and fertilization, and proper harvesting, drying method in the preparation and delivery of high-saffron are a key factor for preparation of Super Negin saffron.

Super Negin of saffron