This kind of saffron contains stigma plus 4-5 mm of style. The filaments are categorized in two-way, single-ended, and double-sided forms. In single-ended the style and the stigmas are placed on each other. But in the two-way model, tries to put the stigmas on both sides and the style in the middle of each other. In this model, when the styles are in the middle, the stigma attracts more attention. Meanwhile, because the classification is carried out by women, the two methods are called the "Dokhtar pich"(bunch).
There is another type of saffron bunch, which put styles during the drying slowly under the stigmas, then put saffron bunches on the cardboard and then pack them in appropriate containers. In this case, bunches have a better effect, this kind of categorization is called "bunch of stigma". This type of Saffron is Grade “4” in the National Standard Organization and Saffron standard 259-1.

Bunch of saffron

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