Properties of Saffron

Saffron    is   known  as  red    gold  in all   countries . In addition  to    its

traditional  value  as  a  spice  in   foods   and its  very high   nutritional

value,   the   spice   is used   to relieve  stomach  pain,   reduce  muscle

spasm, better   digestion of    food, reduce renal colic   pain,   helps   to

eliminate depression, increase appetite and Sexual desire are used in

traditional medicine in Iran.

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Some other properties

• Treatment for inflammation and pain relief

• Reduced gastric disorders

• Cancer prevention


• Improve nerve function

• Bone strength enhancement

• Reduced anxiety

• Diabetes control

• Protecting the health of the heart

• Increased blood circulation

• Increased immunity

• Improve sleep patterns

• Ability to improve breathing health

• Digestive system optimization

• Eliminating pain

• Reduce bleeding

• Improve heart health

• Avoid eye disease, macular degeneration or yellow patches

Other benefits of saffron petals include anti-diabetes, anti-obesity, 

anti-inflammatory, anti-whiteness of hair, preventing early aging.

•    Taking saffron with warm milk before bed allows you to sleep comfortably.

•    Taking saffron with honey, walnuts and sesame helps to strengthen memory.

•    Drinking warm milk with saffron eliminate dry skin and itching.

•    Saffron is a clearer skin.

•    Saffron reduces blood cholesterol.

•    Gum massage by saffron and water eliminates gum wounds and inflammation.

•    Saffron syrup is helpful in dealing with anxiety and depression.

•    Saffron removes bloating stomach.

•    External use of saffron improves wounds and burns faster.

•    Saffron tea makes digestion.

•    Saffron along with licorice are effective in treating alopecia or baldness.

•    Saffron eliminates cough and has a beneficial effect on the treatment of bronchitis.

•    Enhances sexual power.

•    Saffron cleans kidney and urinary bladder.

•    Improves fatty liver.

•    Saffron is useful in treating epilepsy.

•    It is effective in the treatment of asthma.