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Radonick trading and industries has been established to promote the quality level and supply the best products in the major and basic fields of the society.
The founders established this group, aiming to optimize the ground for supplying high quality products which are not privileged with suitable market share from the aspects of geographical locations or the economic situation of their suppliers; and many disqualified products with a wide range of advertisement threatening the family`s health which are selling  in the market in order to replacing them with high quality products.

Having professional experts in sales, marketing, commercials, technical and administrative fields, Radonick group of companies have reached a notable status with world`s latest modern methods, creativity and innovation while offering services; which caused the commercial partners and also the other good suppliers a full range of satisfaction


Radonick Branding

Branding is a knowledge which increasing the credit and reputation of a brand in the competitive market.
Enhancing the credibility of a brand is linked with more sales and higher prices and generally is the smartest decision and the method of good owners to produce wealth.

Branding is something more than creating a special and beautiful name or logo for products or service. Brand making is the path which makes the customers to understand a company`s products and services. 

Branding makes a unique distinction which is of a high value for customers, staff, and managers. Having a strong brand causes company`s charges to reduce sharply by preventing inappropriate and aimless investments.
Profitability through the attraction of loyal customers notably increases and most important of all, a company`s brand turn into its intangible property which can be precious even more than all the physical properties of the organization.


Marrony is a brand of saffron which is unique. This brand belongs to Radonick company that releases to the market with high quality more than necessary standards. The high quality of this brand became quickly to one of the most effective brands in the domestic and foreign market.

This brand supplies with innovation in quality, designing and packing 1-2-4 g to the world market. Indeed, Marrony’s target is for retailors and final consumers.


Viventeh is a pioneer brand of saffron which belongs to Radonick company that introduces to the market with high quality. Since its beginning, this product has been trying to prioritize the needs of its consumers and then focus on the research and development activities of the product in accordance with their needs. This brand supplies with innovation in quality, designing and packing 50-100-200 g to the world market. In fact, Viventeh’s aim is for industrial section of factories and foods manufacturers.


Commercial Plans

Today, understanding the structure and evolution of international markets for firms seems necessary. As the firms seek global market for the opportunities to diversify their products and markets, the following challenges are met:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What is the structure of the world market for a product?
With which countries does my country currently trade?
Where are opportunities for market diversification?
What are the tariff barriers in a specific market?
Which countries are competing globally and in a specific market?

​​​​​​​For an effective utilization of resources, business services institutions need to draw up priorities with consideration of the business development, performance, partner countries and their business development strategies. Strategic market researches with exact statistical details through the international trade, enables them to challenge the national contest and regional trade performance and also identifying products and markets for trade development by addressing the following questions:
What are priority markets and products for trade promotion?
Which countries are the major suppliers of imported goods to my country?
What replacement resources are available to afford?
In what areas does my country have a competitive advantage?
How is my country's current trade performance?
Which products have the potential to increase bilateral trade?
How is the trade process between my country and a specific group of countries?

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A valuable gift from Persia


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